Moodle LMS

With a Moodle solution from moxis, you are guaranteed the market's most integrated and flexible learning platform, which has been developed through experience from working with 40+ schools' strategic, educational and didactic digitization work.

The system has more than 200 million users in over 204 countries, and thus you get access to a huge and worldwide community, where learning and education are the driving force and the common language for everyone.



Moodle Learning Management System


 Avoid wasting your time on unnecessary repetitions. Tailor-made automations and recycling functions ensure that your focus can be used where it makes the most sense – developing and refining your teaching. With a multitude of functions that support the process of knowledge sharing, quality assurance and refinement, all students can be assured of the same high quality across subjects and teachers.

Personal 'folder' which allows you to save copies of your content and activities so that it can be reused across other courses. Avoid building the same content several times.

Easily share and copy materials and activities from your previous courses.  Free up time for improvements and development.

Build content-rich templates that you can use as a starting point every time you have to plan courses for new classes.

Automatic user-creation for students and population of courses so that it directly reflects data from the school's study system. Saving you many hours of administration.

Built-in quality check, which ensures that no course is published before it has been approved by a pedagogical leader or similar.

With the role of 'observer', teachers can move across courses and be inspired by colleagues. As inspiration and knowledge sharing.

With 'master templates',  you get a central development environment, which is continuously refined by collaboration among teachers. Improved through ideas and experiences from the previous uses of the course.



Integrated feedback is a cornerstone of the Moodle universe, and there are many opportunities to assess, evaluate and grade students' work individually and in groups. For example, use the built-in annotation tool to easily and quickly correct assignments directly online. Make feedback personal and valuable with easily accessible video feedback, or expand student learning outcomes with scaffolded peer assessment, which invites students to assess their own level and development.

Correct, give feedback, and annotate assignments easily directly in Moodle without the hassle of downloading, uploading, and storing large volumes of documents.

Make your feedback personal and valuable with easy video functionality that saves you time and effort at the same time. Ensure that none of your feedback is lost or distorted in written communication when your intonations and facial expressions make your feedback vivid and easy to understand.

With the scaffolded rubric evaluation flow, you can give your students a deeper insight into the evaluation criteria for an assignment and at the same time give them a unique insight into their own current level and potential development.

With the scaffolded peer assessment flow 'Workshop', your students can easily assess eachother's work anonymously. Combine the flow with the rubric evaluation tool, and create the perfect framework for a higher learning yield.


Take advantage of a world of optimized tools and engage your students with an extraordinary learning experience. With activities and functions created to support all didactic facets, you can compose differentiated and engaging learning flows. Stand on the shoulders of 100,000,000 educators and unfold your didactic designs in a framework built to bring your design to life.

Easily place your students into groups. Take control yourself or let students choose their own virtual group. The function can be reused to create many different groups through a course.

Build interdisciplinary learning spaces based on topics, and experience greater coherence across subjects.

Built-in function for collecting submitted assignments across subjects. Student and teacher get an overview of all the student's submitted assignments, which can be downloaded in a structured folder directly through the tool.

Use different structures in your courses to design the course according to your target group's needs and your purpose.

Blur the barrier between your course and your favorite digital materials. With easy login from Moodle across material platforms, you can give your students a seamless journey in their learning.


logo-rybners"When we at Rybners had to digitize our courses, it was important for us to find a platform and a partner who could provide flexibility and professionalism both technically and in terms of support. The choice of platform fell on Moodle with moxis as a partner. This collaboration has been extremely positive. moxis has listened to our needs as an organization and has time and again found good solutions that have helped the process along. You can always expect a quick response to support cases. And then it all the better that we at moxis meet other Moodle customers with whom we can discuss development.”
Dorte Vestergaard Christensen, Educational IT consultant, Rybners

PRA - MOX - Moxis website logo-tradium"moxis is our indispensable partner when it comes to Moodle. moxis is very service-oriented and has professionally advised and helped us implement and develop the school's new learning platform, so that today we have a unified place for learning and collaboration at Tradium. We can highly recommend a collaboration with moxis."
Annette Anthony Hald, Educational IT supervisor, Tradium

LMS on your terms

moxis originates from Praxis, which is a learning company with over 100 years behind it. We ourselves use Moodle to produce digital learning courses for a multitude of Danish educations. Our experience with Moodle as both supplier and user provides a unique insight into the system's strengths in relation to digital learning.

Moodle hosting i Danmark

Hosting in the EU

We host your Moodle platform on our secure servers in Denmark. We monitor your platform and with 99.9% up-time we ensure that your users can access your Moodle whenever they need it.

Skræddersyet Moodle udvikling

Bespoke development

Our in-house development team of Moodle specialists ensures that you get the platform tailored to your needs.

Integration af Moodle til andre systemer


Our experienced integration team ensures that your platform works together with your administrative systems and relevant third-party solutions.

Rådgivning om Moodle


Setting up an LMS the right way can be a big task. We help you with everything from configuring the platform to training super users and provide a personal implementation consultant throughout the process.

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