Moodle Workplace

The most complete LMS platform for onboarding, certifications and compliance management. Moodle Workplace is built on top of Moodle LMS and contains all the activities and functions that have made Moodle LMS the most used learning platform in the world with more than 200 million users.

Streamline your onboarding, document and track your employees' development, and set the framework for a strong learning culture




Moodle Workplace - komplet enterprise learning management


Dynamic rules enable you to automate time-consuming work such as registering individual employees for courses.

With dynamic rules, you can ensure that all employees are certified, compliance-updated and registered for the right courses.

All automations can be tailored to different roles in your business.

Assign and schedule courses or learning programs for your employees, and share materials and content across departments or organizations. Track employee progress on onboarding courses, certifications or compliance training.

Create automatic recurring certification courses and ensure that your employees always comply with the latest requirements and legislation.

Tailor your reports through a wide range of parameters and filters, which give you decisive feedback on your learning activities.

Learn more about your employees' competence development, and gain insight into the areas where your learning efforts require additional focus.

With the multi-tenancy structure in Moodle Workplace, you can manage several individual organizations or departments on the same platform. Give each organization its own branding, organizational structure, users, certifications and reporting.

Content that is built in the so-called 'shared space' can be shared across all organisations.


LMS on your terms

moxis originates from Praxis, which is a learning company with over 100 years behind it. We ourselves use Moodle to produce digital learning courses for a multitude of Danish educations. Our experience with Moodle as both supplier and user provides a unique insight into the system's strengths in relation to digital learning.

Moodle hosting i Danmark

Hosting in the EU

We host your Moodle platform on our secure servers in Denmark. We monitor your platform and with 99.9% up-time we ensure that your users can access your Moodle whenever they need it.

Skræddersyet Moodle udvikling

Bespoke development

Our in-house development team of Moodle specialists ensures that you get the platform tailored to your needs.

Integration af Moodle til andre systemer


Our experienced integration team ensures that your platform works together with your administrative systems and relevant third-party solutions.

Rådgivning om Moodle


Setting up an LMS the right way can be a big task. We help you with everything from configuring the platform to training super users and provide a personal implementation consultant throughout the process.

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